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The New York Jets kept their playoff hopes alive with a defensive stance against the Cardinals this Sunday. New York Film Academy sports photography students were on the sidelines to see their team move into a second place tie in the AFC East. 

There may not be a better ticket in the building! Sign up now for this one of a kind, exclusive hands-on experience at: http://www.nyfa.edu/photography-school/sports-photography.php.


Welcome to Tumblr Tuesday! Please enjoy these fresh Tumblr blogs!

Rory Harman Is Still a Jerk
Rory is 23 and lives in Austin, Texas. He posts original illustrations, comics, and occasionally a few other things that he hopes will make you smile. (Above: Michael Clarke Duncan.)

The 23 Eyes ObjectEric Mortensen chronicles the 23rd minute of various films. For science.

Rachel & Nicole
Fashion-blogging sisters hustlin’ to bring you the fashion, the parties, and the swagger of NYC.

The Industrialist
Out of passion and love for contemporary design and creative works comes this collection of some of the coolest stuff on the web.

Daily Candies for Eyes
Marguerite is an illustrator from Sydney (via Paris) who loves otters and most people.

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